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Communication and Information
Estlein, Roi

1Communication 101 Spring 2013 Communication and the Self32813 Who are You The SelfTake a minute to write a few words about who you are Self our developed perceived personal identity o is dynamic not something that we are born knowingHow does a self develop o Nature vs Nurture a personality as something that we have vs an identity as something that we do and perceive o The informationuse environments to guide the way we perceive ourselves our identity and our behaviorGeographicalwhere we live house state countryInterpersonalinteraction with another person one friendone parentGroupSimilar to interpersonal but with a larger group a group of friendswhole familyCulturalindividuals who may not know each other but are connected by the same ethnicity national affiliationThe Development of SelfConceptPerceptions of others responsesSelfConceptResponses Behavior 2Erving Goffman The SelfSelf is presented and constructed through everyday communication and interaction with others remember the different environmentsSelfour perception of who we areFaceour positive image that we present to others o Public imageFaceworkhow we present our self to others o Expressions givenInstrumental communication The what o Expressions given offExpressive communication The howAll the world is a stage o We spend most of our time not engages in giving information but in giving shows Goffman 1974 p508All The World is a Stage Burkes Dramatistic Pentad Act o What the person does o SpeechScene o Context surrounding the act o Where the speech is taking placeAgent o The person who is performing the act o SpeakerAgency o The means used to deliver the message or accomplish the act o How the speaker uses languageMetaphors levels of language etcPurpose o Goal for the act
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