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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Notes

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Communication and Information
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1 4-8-14 • Roadmap o Review o Focus on: Crisis Help Lines o Intro to CQ#12 o Basic Relational Comm. Processes o The Lifespan of Human Relationships • Review o Turn Taking Solutions  Basic fundamental human task that has to be recurrently solved on a moment-to-moment basis • Pre-arranging turns • Current speaker indicating when they are done o Turn projectability – how we use grammar, semantics o Turn Constructional Units (TCUs) o Transition Relevance Place (TRP)  Always aiming for TRP o Concept: Level ofAnalysis/Unit ofAnalysis  The major unit being analyzed in a research study • The “who” or “what” of what that is being investigated • Typical examples in the social sciences: The individual, group, organization, artifact, etc.  If we’re interested in analyzing “everyday talk,” our Unit ofAnalysis is typically SOCIAL INTERACTIONS • Special Focus: Crisis Help Line 2 o Overview – Why might ppl call a help line dedicated to crisis and suicide prevention? o In terms of comm, how do callers and call takers negotiate the provision of help during the convo? o Issues to explore related to discourse & social interaction  Specific action sequences? • Question-answer  How do people assess level of risk of a caller? • Accomplished through different interactional news  “Just wanted to talk” calls? • Intro to CQ#12  How may certain comm patterns help explain the status and trajectory of people’s interpersonal relationships? o Speed date example o Unit ofAnalysis: THE DYAD  a pair of two individuals o Interpersonal Relationship – a set of expectations two people have for their be
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