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Lecture 10

Lecture 10 Notes Part 2

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Communication and Information
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3 – 6 – 14 • Review o Culture changes over time o Reflected in language o Culture is PRODUCED or ENACTED or “DONE” in and through comm process o Contrasts with the view that culture shapes or produces or “does” us • Roadmap o 1. Intro to CQ#8 o 2. Synthesis: Construction of Social Reality o 3. What gets done via language? o 4. Components of language • 1. Intro to CQ#8 o How is it that language, as a type of symbol system, allows for people to negotiate understanding? • 2. Construction of Reality o Review  Reality is fixed  Reality is actively constructed through comm process o Review  Culture “produces” us  Culture is something we “do” or is produced through comm process o Language is a key construction and production “tool” o Comm paradigms  Paradigm Transmission Constitutive Primary Function of Trasmit info A to B Perform social actions; Comm create situations & SMR=E relationships (MS doesn’t equal MR) Central Focus Msgs extracted from Msgs situated in context, context, senders, social actions, receivers interpretations View of Reality Pre-existing; fixed Constructed through comm process View of Language “window” “paintbrush” o Why study language?  Major mediums through which humans coordinate actions  Highly complex  If we understand it, we can use it more effectively • 3. What gets done via language? o See handout o Content  What people talk about o Relationships & Identities  How people present themselves  Relationship between self & others o Culture
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