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Lecture 13

Lecture 13 Notes

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4 – 10 – 14 • Limitations of the “Staircase” Model o Ordering of the stages o Issues regarding culture  Arranged marriages o Issues regarding technology  Online profiles • “Hook up” culture – Does it exist? o A few points to contextualize Bogle’s study:  A. Bogle draws upon interviews with UG students from 3 different institutions (one private, one religious, one state/public)  Historically speaking, “casual” sex and intimate encounters are actually not anything new… • E.g. 1960s: sexual revolution, more single sex colleges becoming co-educational, decline in student conduct policies and how they described behavior o Themes from Bogle’s data:  Ambiguity in how HU is talked about (pg. 24)  How HU may be initiated through communication • Have to find out if feeling is neutral • Done indirectly through nonverbal cues  How relations are managed afterwards • Bogle’s observation (pg. 43)  Learning over time from HU encounters • KB & Lisa  dating o Some main points from Bogle  Most of her participants defined hooking up in very different ways in her interviews  Many used HU as a way to get to know new people on campus  Sexual inti
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