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Lecture 6

Lecture 6 Notes

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Rutgers University
Communication and Information

2 – 18 – 14 • Roadmap: o 1. Reminders o 2. Comm breakdown? o 3. Intro to CQ#5 o 4. Visible Aspects of Comm Process o 5. Invisible Aspects of Comm Process o 6. Conclusion • 1. Reminders o Exam this Thursday 2-20-14 o #2 pencil, student ID, RUID# o Mini-lecture review online (see email) • 2. Comm breakdown? o **See “Chicken Dinner” • 3. Intro to CQ#5 o What are some of the hidden and often taken for granted complexities of the comm process? • 4. Visible Aspects of Comm Process o 10% of comm o Part above water o Interactants  People involved in comm process o Symbols  Visible, audible  Something that stands for or represents something besides itself  Ex: US flag, traffic lights, Rutgers logo, money  Symbolic value – arbitrary relationship between symbol and thing it represents  Very powerful, and seem real o Media  Permanence • Media and technology makes comm visible & make it survive • Other comm is very fleeting  Portability • 5. Invisible Aspects of Comm Process o Meaning  How does it get made? • Symbols & referents are ARBITRARILY paired • Meanings are negotiated through human activity  Humans can’t help but create meaning  Ex: South Park & meaning making as a social process • Steps the Southpark kids take to change meaning of derogatory term: o 1. Disconnect word from original meaning o 2. Explain it to others
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