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Lecture 4

Lecture 4 Notes

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Rutgers University
Communication and Information

2 – 6 – 14 • Roadmap: o 1. Review (all very simple review from last class) o 2. Thinking about paradigms and models of comm o 3. Intro to CQ #3 o 4. 8 Models of comm process • 2. Thinking about paradigms and models of comm o What influenced our choices of components in our model/theory of ordinary conversation?  Our experiences with requests and people we know  Our overall outlook or worldview of comm • Different than personal theory o What influences comm models?  Paradigms – a broad framework (or worldview) that guides the work of scholars over a long period of time as they conduct research and develop specific theories (Thomas Kuhn) • Like your underwear – foundation you put everything else on top of • Batman – utility belt – native & scholarly theories are tools that go on utility belt  Paradigms influence theories and models: • What ought to be studied • How these studies ought to be conducted • Theories that are later constructed o What is an anomaly?  An inconsistency or discrepant observation that challenges the paradigm o Paradigms in science and business  Ex 1) Paradigms in science • Newtonian physics – “There is nothing new to be discovered in physics now. All that remains is more and more precise measurement” (L. Kevin, 1900) • Einstein’s relativity (1905) – anomaly o Replaced Newtonian’s mechanics o Now…new things people were thinking about • Geocentric cosmology o Copornicus – Earth at center of galaxy and everything revolves around Earth • Heliocentric cosmology – anomaly caused it o Galileo – 1610 – sun at center and planets rotate around it  Ex 2) Paradigms in business • Swiss watch makers – Prior to 1970s o Had 60% of the watch-making market o 50,000 watch makers in Switzerland • Anomaly – Quartz technology caught on outside Switzerland • Swiss watch makers – in late 1980s o 10% of watch-making market o Less than 6500 watch-makers in Switzerland o Didn’t adapt new Quartz technology o Paradigms and Anomalies in Comm Studies  Comm paradigms • Info transmission  S > M> R = E o S – sender o M – message o R
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