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Communication and Information
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1 – 28 – 13 • Review: Ways of Looking at Communication o Transmission perspective  tin can example; how comm transmits info accurately from one place to another o Constitutive perspective  laughing bride example; how comm constitutes activities, identities, relationships, communities • Today’s Agenda: o 1. Intro to CQ #1  Why study comm in the first place? o 2. What is comm anyway?  It’s everywhere  Not limited to “just talking”  Helps to think of term as larger umbrella term for wide range of social phenomena  Across each example, let’s think about: • What’s comm-related in each? • How it could be used to form general definition of comm?  Examples: • Obama – rhetorical strategies used by speech writer o Lots of layers that start w/speech writer o Linguistic constructions for larger speech • Friends sitting w/Mac laptop o Two people talking back & forth face-to-face • Man & significant other in argument o Relational/intimate comm • Organization & stakeholders chart o Need positive relationship between two o Interorganizational comm • Parent having argument w/teenager over text o Family dynamics, technology (time & space) • PSA related to anti-bullying efforts o Mass comm • Child watching TV after school o Getting messages through watching TV & messa
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