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Lecture 10

01:202:201 Lecture 10: Criminal Justice Chapter 10

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Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice Week 13 Probation  Chapter 10 1. What is Probation? Probation - A sentence of imprisonment that is suspended - Today, probation is the most common form of criminal sentencing in the US Community Corrections - The use of a variety of officially ordered program-based sanctions that permit convicted offenders to remain in the community under conditional supervision General Conditions - Apply to all probationers in a given jurisdiction Special Conditions - May be mandated by the judge who feels that the probationer is in need of particular guidance or control 2. What is Parole? Parole - Status of a convicted offender who has been conditionally released from prison by a paroling authority before the expiration of his or her sentence Prisoner Reentry - The managed return to the community of individuals released from prison Parole Board - State paroling authority that grants parole based on the board members’ judgment and assessment Statutory Decrees Mandatory Release o The release of an inmate from prison that is determined by statute or sentencing guidelines Discretionary release - The release of an inmate from prison to supervision that is decided by a parole board or other authority Medical Parole - An early release option under which an inmate is deemed “low risk” due to a serious physical and mental health condition un
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