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Criminal Justice
Professor James Kohl

Chapter 11 Police and Community • Leading by example o Police chief must “reach out” to community ask for help and demonstrate desire to start a partnership • Why? o Higher morale in PD o Insulation from negative forces o Increased citizen support o Increased resources • Most important person to improving Community relations = individual officer • Police and minority communities o Ensure that minority groups are adequately represented • Crime prevention o The anticipation, recognition and appraisal of Criminal risks and the steps taken to remove, and/or reduce the risk. o Crime Prevention=Tool to develop legitimate relationships (not sham) • Volunteerism o A pd that does not actively recruit volunteers is not practicing good management o PD/College intern programs are also the common throughout the nation (CSO) • Community Crime Prevention o Neighborhood watch o Crime stoppers o America’s Most wanted o Operation identification • Brown v. Board of Education o Also used as support (tool) to integrate Police department  Struck down  “Separate but equal” o In 1954 case- officially declared separation of races unconstitutional o 1964 Civil rights act passed by congress • Raced-based enforcement= Illeg
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