11:216:101 Lecture 13: 3/23

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Ecology, Evolution and Natural Resources
S Sukhdeo

2 models of growth rate 1. Exponential growth rate 2. Logistic growth rate 1. Exponential growth rate needed a. How a population grows under ideal conditions b. dNdt= rN i. r= intrinsic growth rate ii. N= pop size iii. dNdt= change iv. N= number t= Time c. Chart: E.coli in tube i. Birth rate > death rate ii. Abundant resources d. Slope of the line is shallow i. Fewer individuals that are initially reproducing ii. __ individuals in the population that ar reproducing e. Nature? i. No, resources are always limited f. Ideal? i. Unlimited resources ii. No predators iii. Ideal environment iv. Enough living, root, and nesting space v. Accumulation of waste product vi. Jk g. Reindeer in st. psnl alaskan island 1910 i. 41 sq mile island ii. No predators iii. No reindeer prior to introduction iv. 2 females and 2 males v. RD: natural high birth rate food source is lichen (fungi and algae) but it grows slowly vi. High population density 1. Birth rate > death rate 2. Death rate > birth rate a. Resources are down b. Overcrowding vii. Eg Gypsy Moth 2. Logistic growth rate model a. Mimics the behavior of many natural populations b. Initial exponential growth c. Followed by slower growth rate as population grows towards ___ maximum size of the environment
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