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Rutgers University
Exercise Science and Sport Studies
Ian Hunt

My name is Sara Badalamenti, and I will be a junior at the School of Environmental and Biological Sciences this coming Fall 2013, majoring in exercise science and sports studies. I am from Flemington NJ and during the school year, live off campus in New Brunswick. When I graduate in 2015, I hope to pursue a career as a chiropractor. For now, it is the one career that really speaks to me with the little education in what the exercise science major offers so far. From my basic research, I understand that chiropractors study non-medical treatments through the manipulation of the spine and diet; these things I already follow in my daily life and I would love to help others with it as well. I am taking this class, not only because it is required of me, but because I want to get a further education on fields that I have not yet been exposed to and further understand what it is I will be studying for years to come. The first sport I participated in and actually stuck with was tennis when I was around six years old. My parents put me in lessons because they wanted me to find at least one sport that I was interested in. I tried many other sports including soccer and softball but never wanted to go back. I stuck with tennis; one, because my mother made me, and two, because I seemed to have had a natural talent for it. I played recreationally for years, and when high school came, I made it onto the JV team. Along with tennis, I th also was very enthusiastic in swimming. I started around 6 grade and continued through to high school, but quite my freshman year when I didn’t make it onto the team, and most of my friends started advancing further than me. The physical education in my schools was relatively light depending on the teacher you would get. Some of them would be rathe
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