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Lecture 22

01:460:120 Lecture 22: Lecture 22 - Marine Fisheries

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Geological Sciences

Marine Fisheries Key Points Fisheries often focus on specific regions of the oceans Fisheries usually focus on specific kinds of marine animals The technology for capturing fish has changed dramatically over time; today is considered the era of industrial fishing Globally, fish provides 4.3 billion people with at least 15 of the animal protein they eat Most of the catch comes from a small percentage of the total ocean area (about 10) Harvesting of wild fish depends on political, economic, and scientific factors Today, many fish populations are thought to be fully exploited, and in some cases overexploited A fishery is a socialecological system organized around the harvest of wild fish or invertebrates for use by humans Many fisheries are based on knowing where and when to find the species of interest Hydrographic containment: matching of spawning sites to drift paths that transport larvae to suitable habitats for their survival and growth o Ex: North Sea plaice o Ex: Atlantic Cod
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