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Lecture 8

01:460:206 Lecture Notes - Lecture 8: Diplodocid, Supersaurus, Apatosaurus

Geological Sciences
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Ch 10
o Largest land animals
o Long tails
o Necks (10+ vertebrate)
o Small heads
o Spatulated Teeth
o Large claws on 1st digit of forefeet
o Span entire age of Dinos
Infraorder Prosauropoda
Infraorder Sauropoda
Short feet
o Early plant eating dinosaur
o Late Triassic- Early Jurassic Period
o Heavy built
o Couple meters 6-11
o Quadrupedal or bipedal
o Long necks
o Depressed jaw hinge
o Serrated teeth
o Gastric mills
o Went extinct due to no resources
o Diverse
Infraorder Sauropoda
o Misconception: nostrils thought nose was on top of head but nose was in front of
o Family Diplodocidae
“double beam-chevron bones that are split down the middle
Rod teeth
Nose on top of head is not true, they have normal nose
Cleft neural arch: strong ligament to support head
Longest: 42 meters
Not tallest or heaviest
80 vertebrae in tail
Hind limbs are taller and can stand on hind legs
Arched back
Brontosaurus (Apatosaurus)
Teeth at tip of jaw only
Long jaw
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