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Lecture 9

01:460:206 Lecture Notes - Lecture 9: Horned Lizard, Tetanurae, Ceratosauria

Geological Sciences
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Chapter 11
o Meat eating predators of the dinosaur world
o Spanned entire duration of dinos (late Triassic to end K)
o Chicken to T Rex sized
o Most skeletons incomplete
o Name means beast foot
Order Saurischia
o Suborder Theropoda
Infraorder Ceratosauria
Horned lizard
Four fingers on hand
Lightened horns on head
Infraorder Carnosauria
Meat lizards
Infraorder Coelurosauria
Hollow tailed lizards
Birds evolved from them
Group Tetanurae fused tail lizard
Three fingers on hand
1-2-3 digits
Digits 4-5 lost on forelimb
Theropod Morphology
o Large, curved, laterally compressed serrated teeth
o Intermandibular joint
o Large orbit (eye socked), large brains
o Extra antorbital fenestrae opening in front of eye smell better
o Mobile neck joint
o Three-digit fingers
o Tail flexible close to body, more rigid at end
o Obligatory bipedal
o Single fused collarbone “wishbone
o Some had feathers
Spinosaurids (26:00)
o In the Tetanurae group, but further classification is unclear
o Longer snouths than other theropods
o Had larger and extremely strong forelimbs
o Possible fish-eating dinosaurs
o Spinosaurus
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