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Lecture 10

01:460:206 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Troodontidae, Oviraptoridae, Allosauridae

Geological Sciences
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o Swivel-wrist
o Curved metacarpal 3 and semilunate carpals
o Lots of holes in skull for air sacks
o Crust of bumps on skull
o Found near sauropods
Ch 11b
Family Oviraptoridae egg thief lizard
o Toothless jaws, short snouts
o 2m long
o Large claws on hand
o Slender hindlimbs
o Durophagous skull (shell-crushing)
Similar to Ornithomimosaur
o Skull and jaws designed to crush tough food items
Thickened skull
o Old idea crushing dino eggs
o New idea ate fresh water clams
Oviraptor discovered sitting on eggs (advanced behavior)
Family Troodontidae wounding tooth
o Largest brain to body ratio of any dinosaur
o Binocular vision
o Large eyes
o Long skull w/ narrow snout
o Agile
o 2 m long
o Possibly warm blooded
o Covered in downy or fiber-like feathers
o Named after single narrow tooth
o Bird type pelvis
o Running reptile, swift lizard
o Numerous teeth serrated on both edges
o Long forelimbs w/ elongated 3 fingered hands
o Tail w/ ossified tendons (for swift turning)
o Hind foot w/ enormous retractable claw on second digit
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