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Lecture 11

01:460:206 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Thagomizer, Stegosauria, Predentary

Geological Sciences
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Chapter 12 Armored Ornithischian dinosaurs
Paleozoic Land Ecology
o Seed ferns
o Cycads
o Conifers
o Carboniferous Land Floras
Evolution of Angiosperms
o Flower plants
o Beginning of Cretaceous Period
o New plants, new plan eaters (Ornithopods)
Order Ornithiscia
o Bird like pelvis
o Predentary bone
o Bone tilted backwards allowed larger stomach for digestion
o Evolved from forward facing pubis
Theyreophora “shield bearers”
o Stegosauria “plated reptile”
o Anklosauria “fused reptile”
o Dermal bone armor plates
o Armored plates called scutes or esteoderms (skin bones)
Not connected to bone float in skin
Price of defense
o Speed not enough to protect them
o More armor weighs animal down
o Obligatory quadrupedal
o Bodies low to ground, ate low vegetation
o Small, long and pointy heads
o Short, stout forelimbs
o Long hindlimbs (gave arch shaped body)
o Stout feet with hooves (not claws)
o Low, slender head (picky about what they ate)
Toothless beak
Leaf-shaped teeth
o Vertical bony plates & spines
o Single or double raw along neck
o Additional scutes covering hips and legs
o Tail spikes
o Spikes attached to side and faced outward
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