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History, American
Margaret Ingate

Donna KwonDecember 8 2008 Mrs HannahSocial Studies The Declaration of Independence for DummiesAfter a while of communications and beautiful longlasting friendships between two parties one group will eventually grow tired of their ties with the other and will probably initiate a loud disagreement with will probably result in the common Imnotyourfriendanymore fights However just to be nice the group that began the fight must write down all the reasons they can think of to justify their separation from the latter group Failure to do so will result in namecalling on both ends your mom insults girly slapping broken nails eventually declarations of warand death Basically all men and women are created equal and have certain rights such as the right to live forever the right to be just as special as your neighbor and the right to a free cupcake To get and keep these rights a group of dumberthandung greedy people known as the government will rule the country Most people would be unsatisfied with a dumberthandung greedy ruler so there is also a rule that states that the people being governed by this dumberthan
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