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History, American
Margaret Ingate

Donna KwonDecember 17 2008 Mrs HannahSocial Studies American DNA Ive been called a number of things in reference to my ethic group Asian AsianAmerican or simply American The question of my nationality was never a puzzling one I was either AsianAmerican when I was feeling particularly picky American when I was feeling too lazy to say the entire phrase and Asian only when I was feeling exceptionally lazy Hector St Jean de Crevecur however who wrote the letter What is an American suggests that maybe I shouldnt feel so Asian after all He argued that being an American was unique because an American man was at the time either a European or of European decent An American was one who started anew exploring new prejudices and habits while dropping old ones Crevecur also believed that Americans should love America more than any other country even their homelands or the homelands of their parents This opinion is interesting to me because being Asian had always been a part of who I was It set me apart from Europeans and Australians and other Americans However I suppose that I am also separate from other Asians as well Perhaps I should simply call myself AsianAmerican Former president Teddy Roosevelt also had a strong opinion on this matter He claimed that there were no such things as hyphenated Americans meaning AsianAmerican AfricanAmerican EuropeanAmerican etc He did not say this to belittle the immigrants who traveled to America but to assert that all people who arriv
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