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Lecture 11

37:575:202 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: International Brigades, Campbell Soup Company, Norman Rockwell

Labor Studies and Employment Relations
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Great Depression felt by many countries in Europe; not just in the US
Far-Right Facist movement in Germany
- Blamed Jews, immigrants
- Germany should look out for Germans
Fascism movement effected many countries
- Seen in multiple countries in Europe
Right-wing movement in the US
- Talked about blaming immigrants and Jews for their struggles
- Never took off
Fascist movement leaders:
- Franco (Spain) Stayed out of WW2 but supported Fascist countries
- Franco threw over the democratically elected govt
- Crushed any Left political parties and labor movements
- Authoritarian government
- Hitler (Germany)
- Mussolini (Italy)
Fascists fwere very against independent movements (Trade unions, etc.)
June 1944:
- Fascism spread to nearly all parts of Europe asides from Allied territories
- Not in Italy, Great Britain, USSR
- Americans were very afraid
Franco and Spain:
- Very opposed to Left politics and labor movements
- Sparked fear in other countries that working movements could be destroyed
- Workers volunteered to fight in Spain against the Fascists
- Formed The International Brigade
- Defeated by the Fascists, who received help from the Nazis
World War Two:
- US military units remain segregated
- Support for the war was nearly unanimous for all individuals within the U.S.
- AFL and CIO are huge supporters of the war; advertise War bonds to everyone
- No strike pledge during the war
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