07:700:135 Lecture 3: 13912-MusDigAud-2016-09-16

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18 Jan 2017
Monday, September 19, 2016
Class 3
Melody doesn't start right away
Elements that form the rhythm are changing
-Pulse didn't change
-Gets louder, Intensity remains the same within each track, but as you add more,
it gets louder
DOWNLOAD encoder
-Goal is to understand how to use basics of audacity
-Use found sounds, not musical sounds.
Download and edit those sounds
Part 1, find sounds
TYPE: uncompressed (.aiff and .wav)
Download, save file.
Create a folder w. Class's audio files
-Export into audacity and out of audacity, use fade ins
Take a longer file (more than 1 event) and shorten it
File > import > the file
Zoom in, grab slightly more than what you want. File > export selected audio
File > open > new audio file
Fade in and fade outs
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