07:700:135 Lecture 4: 13912-MusDigAud-2016-09-22

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18 Jan 2017
Thursday, September 22, 2016
Class 4
-Changes in air pressure wave: compression (high pressure) and rarefaction (low
-Anatomy of a Waveform
y axis = amplitude
X axis = time
As amplitude increases, so does pressure.
-Frequency (observed)
Measured in cycles per second (Hertz) Hz
Pitch: Perception
Limits of humans hearing: 20 Hz - 20 KHz
A4: 440 Hz. A5: 880 Hz
Sine wave shows amplitude over time
Distance above or below centerline of waveform
Contributes to perceived volume
Distance between beginning and end of a cycle
Period: Time it takes to complete on cycle
Used to specify a particular point in time of a wave form
Use to compare the relative positions of two waveforms
We care if waves are in phase and out of phase
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