07:700:135 Lecture 5: 13912-MusDigAud-2016-09-26

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18 Jan 2017
Monday, September 26, 2016
Class 5
- Resonant Frequency: Picked up by hair cells in cochlea
Correct frequency that causes the material to vibrate (fibers in cochlea)
Louder sounds will create more intense vibrations
An individual sound is made up of a collection of many frequencies
Sin wave: 1 Hz
-Threshold of Hearing
Minimum sound pressure level that produces hearing for the average person
DB: Decibels. Ratio for threshold of hearing (silence and various other types of
frequencies) measure amplitude
-Unit measure for sound intensity, 0dB
--log. Not linear, but exponential.
-Around 60 dB and up, can't stay in that loud dB for long w.o permanent damage
-Perceive higher hertz as louder
-We have evolved to be able to hear humans
-Pan (panorama)
Placement of sound in the sound field
-Stereo image (2ch) represents sound spatially
-Changing panning setting = placing the sound space
-"Stereo" invented by Alan Blumlien at EMI (1931)
2 speakers, like headphones
-Similar to 3D in movies. Distance between
-Surround sound: Stereo with more than 2 speakers, more than 2 channels (5.1)
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