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Lecture 28

11:709:255 Lecture Notes - Lecture 28: Melting

Nutritional Sciences
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Chapter 4: The Flow of Food: An Introduction
Preventing Cross-Contamination
- Use separate equipment for each type of food
- Clean and sanitize all work surfaces, equipment and utensils after each task
- Prepare raw meat, fish, and poultry at different times than ready-to-eat
food (when using the same prep table)
- Buy food items that don’t require much prepping or handling
- Use different cutting boards for different items
o White for dairy products
o Blue for cooked food
o Green for fruits and vegetables
o Beige for fish
o Red for raw meat
o Yellow for uncooked poultry
Preventing Time-Temperature Abuse
- Danger zone: 41 F to 135 F
- Food has been time-temperature abused whenever it is handled in the
following ways
o Cooked to the wrong internal temperature
o Held at the wrong temperature
o Cooked or reheated incorrectly
- Monitor time and temperature keep accurate records
Thermometer Guidelines
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