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Nutritional Sciences
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Nutrition for Developing Child3414The PreschoolerJean PiagetStage Two Preoperational Sparselogically inadequate in regards to mental operations The child is able to form stable concepts as well as magical beliefs Once the child acquires language she is able to use symbols such as works pictures or even toys to represent objects The child is able to understand concepts like counting classifying according to similarity and pastpresent future but generally the child is still focused primarily on the present and on the concrete rather than the abstract Ages 26Thinking is very egocentric the child assumes that everyone else sees things from same viewpoint as she does Cognitive DevelopmentThinking Skills Not just ABCs and 123sIncreased memorySymbolic playCauseeffectBeginnings of logical thinking but still very literalObservation skillsClassification sortingWhy questions Cognitive abilities and relevant activities not on exam Fluid intelligence the ability to solve novel problemsmake predictions about logical patterns and relationshipsPouring sand and water into containers of various sizesSorting objects by color size or shape Quantitative knowledgeAbility to comprehend mathematical and numerical conceptsChant counting rhymesUse onetoone correspondenceMatching napkinscups to placematsVisual processingAbility to recognize and interpret visual informationUsing Legos and blocks to make patternsPutting puzzles together Other abilitiesAuditory processingAbility to discriminate recognize and comprehend aural informationEx Doing what music says to do clean up songShortterm memory
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