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Federal Courts

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Political Science
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Anna Mahoney

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Electoral College in NJ (Extra Info) • 15 electoral votes • Electors in NJ do not have to cast their vote for the winner by law • State party committee meets within one week of national party convention • Committee members vote on nominated electors, not general public Electoral College in ME and NE (Extra Info) • Only states that can split their electors • Do not use a winner-take-all system • One electoral vote is awarded to the presidential candidate who wins the popular vote in each congressional district, and the remaining two electoral votes are awarded to the candidates who got the most votes statewide Federal Courts (SHOULD BE TITLE) • In the US, courts have been established both by the federal government and state governments • Both systems have several levels • The highest federal court is the US Supreme Court; below is the US Court ofAppeals, and finally US District Courts Who is there now? (All Catholics and Jews!) • Chief Justice- John Roberts • SamuelAlito • Antonio Scalia • Anthony Kennedy • Clarence Thomas • Stephen Breyer • Ruth Bader Ginsburg • Sonia Sotomayor • Elena Kagan Sonia Sotomayor • First Latina nominee • 3 woman to serve • Served as 2 Circuit ofAppeals in Manhattan • Graduated from Princeton University and Yale University’s Law School, where she was an editor of the Yale Law Journal • Assistant DistrictAttorney in Manhattan, then private practice, then federal appointment • Religious groups were objected to birth control mandate so Sotomayor temporarily blocked part of act from passing Elena Kagan • Served Solicitor General 2009-2010 o When the Supreme Court has a case and it is US v. something, someone has to be the lawyer for the federal government. Lawyer for the US in front of the Supreme Court th • 4 woman to serve • Graduated from Princeton University and Oxford University, Harvard Law School, supervisory editor of Harvard Law Review • Former Dean if Harvard Law School, Former White House Counsel to Pres. Clinton, Deputy Director of Domestic Policy Council How do Justices get on the court? • Appointed by the President with the advice and consent of the Senate • Senatorial Courtesy- when a president makes an appointment he should clear the person beforehand with the representatives and senators from the state in which the nominee resides. This act of courtesy is important since it is not met, senators may try to ‘block’presidential nominees • If you don’t have the votes from your state that’s not good • Senate Judiciary Committee holds hearings, takes a vote and sends it to the Senate floor for a vote of the whole house • All justices at hearings avoid taking sides on the issue because they decide which side they are on where they are actually presented with a case • Clarence Thomas hearings  Huge amounts of women run • Senate Judiciary committee holds hearings, take a vote, if you get the majority of votes, you’re in (REVISE THIS) What do they do once on the court? • Their job is to interpret the law • They hear cases (oral arguments) and meet in conference committees regularly to vote on case outcomes, and to vote to decide which cases are granted writ of certiorari (this is what they call a case they have agreed to hear) Who is the Chief Justice? • The Chief Justice presides over the 8 Justices o Appears before Congress on behalf of the Court (because Congress pays him/her!) o Presides over Senate during impeachment trials o Assigns who will write Court decisions o Swears in new presidents o Can be nominated when nomina
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