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Steve Fullop and Cory Booker Lectures

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Rutgers University
Political Science
Anna Mahoney

Steve Fulop Lecture • The best ideas on implementing government comes from our residents • Defining ethical government and how one would relate to ethical government o Agovernment that is for the people and by the people o Unethical: Gov that is not for the people or by the people  Founding Fathers were aware of this so they created checks and balances for all the three branches o Trying to implement ethical government in Jersey City  Ex. How to assign off duty police officers  Fix impacts of construction costs, effects on neighbors, eliminate conflicts of interest • Get specific on data, give this data on residents so they can see where the government is being effective and ineffective and how the gov can improve (the more info you can push out the better) • There is never an absolute solution to ethical government o Find out where the conflicts exist • Fundraising- Strict pay to play laws in Jersey City • Where the opportunity exists today to move government forward is at the municipal level • Public transportation in the state o Jersey City has a path, ferry, and bus infrastructure o Making compromises with port authority and NJ transit o Extend Hudson Bergen Lightrail  Investment and Effective Transportation advantages • What motivated you to fight inequality in minimum wage, paid sick leave, etc. o Jersey City has implemented sick leave o Minimum wage has decreased  Ex. Workers at NewarkAirport o Income inequality o Jersey City will lead the state in job creation, new development, etc.  Not leave anyone behind • Government has the responsibility to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to succeed • Jersey City is diverse • Development on the waterfront, more tall towers • Improved police and fire department • Office of Diversity and Inclusion o Help ethnic groups move forward and use resources effectively • Ethical behavior during a campaign and ethical behavior while governing o You have to be very clear and say no that’s not acceptable when something inappropriate is said
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