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Burns and Gimpel

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Rutgers University
Political Science
Anna Mahoney

Burns and Gimpel • Elite framing of the immigration reform in the 1990s was in economic terms o Is economic reformation for or against immigrants? • Research question: What drives mass opinion? o Economic interest o Economic instability drives prejudice o Economic interest and prejudice • Our economic position is related to our racial attitudes o Connection between economic instability and prejudicial attitudes about different groups? • Stereotypes: “widely used to generalize about the characteristics of groups of people through the assignment of simple labels that purportedly represent group traits.” (2003) • Connection between stereotypes and public policy o “Racial and ethnic stereotypes are relevant to opinion formation about public policy, because they influence information processing and decision making. Those who believe the stereotype that blacks are lazy are likely to be opposed to policies that seek to ameliorate racial discrimination through affirmative action.” (204) o Affirmative action: The policy of providing special opportunities for, and favoring members of, a disadvantaged group who suffer discrimination • If you think a group is undeserving, you are not going to like policies that address the problems of these groups o Applies to racial, gender, age groups • WhiteAmericans use welfare the most but when we think of welfare we do not think of whites • Stereotypes influence what our opinion is on public policies • Because “immigrant” has become an increasingly raced term, racial attitudes may impact immigration policy attitudes • Because elite rhetoric around immigration policy is concerned with economics, those may impact immigration policy attitudes • Because economics and racial attitudes are connected, both may work together to impact immigration policy attitudes • Methods o 1992 and 1996ANES data o Large national survey • Political context o Between 92-96 increasing public awareness of i
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