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Gender Gap

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Rutgers University
Political Science
Anna Mahoney

Employees and employers traditionally both pay for insurance. The insurance then pays for our doctors, hospitals, etc. TheAffordable CareAct is requiring insurance companies to cover birth control, which may go against the religious beliefs of some women. The ObamaAdministration created an exception- the employees will contribute money to insurance, and the insurance will provide the extra money for contraceptives. Employers do not pay. What attracts women to the Democratic Party is their view on the role of government Center for American Women and Politics • Gender gap: The difference between men and women in political attitudes and behaviors • First emerged in 1980 nationally and has been observed consistently since in o Vote choice, party identification, presidential evaluations and policy attitudes • Presidential Vote 2012: o Obama- M: 55, W: 45 (10 points) o Romney- M: 52, W: 44 Pew • Marriage gap- the difference in political attitudes and behaviors between married and non-married persons • 2011- Women’s Party Identification o 62% of single women Dem or lean Dem o 31% of single women Rep or lean Rep o Among married women, party identification almost evenly split Center for American Women and Politics/Pew How the different genders grew up shapes the way they feel about certain issues; cultural consequences, rather than genetics • Policy Priorities o Women are:  More likely than men to cite education  More likely than men to cite helping the poor and needy • PolicyAttitudes o Women are:  More likely to favor a more activist role for government  More supportive of programs to guarantee health care and basic social services  More supportive of restrict
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