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Memory Part 2 (October 17, 2012) 1. Short Term Memory as "Working Memory" 1. A more contemporary conceptualization of this memory system 2. Activated contents of long term memory and current information transferred from sensory memory 3. A temporary "workspace" or "scratchpad" on which mental operations can be performed 1. how visual information is stored 2. Long Term Memory 1. Flashbulb Memory 1. Emotionally charged memory of a greatly impacting event (i.e. recalling what we did on 9/11) 2. Hypnotically-induced Remembering 1. when patients were hypnotized, they were able to recall very richly, detailed memory of events that didn't actually happen 3. Penfield's Electric Stimulation of the Brain (ESB) Studies 4. The Misinformation Effect 1. Causes: Source monitoring and reality monitoring 5. Omissions and Intrusions- Memory as a Schema-Guided Reconstructive Process 6. Episodic Memory: things done or that have been witnessed; auto-biographical memory; being able to picture a memory of our experiences 7. Semantic Memory: the knowing of
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