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Lecture 12

01:830:331 Lecture 12: -Moral Understanding and behavior

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J Hudson

Chapter 12L Moral Understanding and Behavior Reasoning about Moral Issues Piagets theory Kohlbergs theory Beyond Kohlberg: New Question Reasoning About Moral Issues: CognitiveDevelopmental Perspective emphasizes moral development as a process of social understanding studied childrens reasoning about right and wrong Moral Dilemmas Would you push the switch to diver the train? Would you push the man off the bridge? Moral Dilemma research: Piaget One day, a girl named Olivia was playing with her mommy. She decided to have a tea party. She went into the kitchen and got a box of crackers and 6 tea cups. She carefully placed the tea cups on a tray, but when she reached for the crackers, the tray accidentally slipped out of her hands and the 6 cups smashed into pieces on the floor. Another girl namedJacquelinewas playingwith herdaddy. Jacqueline wantedto play marching band byclanging pot lids together. When her daddysaid that he didnt want to play marching band because it was too loud, she became very angry. She grabbed a cup off of the counter and threw it onto the floor, smashing it into pieces. Which girl do you think was more bad? Piagets theory of Moral Development Premoral period: 24 years little understanding of rules Moral Realism: 57 years rules are sacred rules are external features of reality judgement based on consequences belief in immanent justice inevitability of punishment Moral Relativism: 8+ years
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