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Sara Campbell

Sunday, February 9, y Abnormal Psychology Drugs & Addiction - For about 15 years heroin was considered a wonder drug because it had analgesic effects without addictive properties - Interested in specific features/qualities of drugs that indicate how problematic it is • Withdrawal: unpleasant shift toward homeostasis; presence and severity if characteristic withdrawal symptoms--can you stop the drug without there being an abstinence syndrome? - Alcohol has the highest • Reinforcement/reward - Cocaine have highest reinforcement • Tolerance: increased amount of substance needed to satisfy cravings - Marijuanna causes the least amount of withdrawal and exhibits reverse tolerance - Heroine has the highest • Dependence: how are is it to quit, how easy to relapse? Rated need of the substance - Nicotine is the most serious • Intoxication - Alcohol highest rates - Alcohol is related to car accidents and violence Classes: Arousal Spectrum - Psychedelics or Hallucinogens (adjuncts to therapy; LSD/THC) • Mind altering, expanding, or distorting • Visual or auditory hallucinations 1 Sunday, February 9, y • Produce dramatic changes in perception • LSD is the most potent psychedelic (Albert Hoffman, Germany 1943) • Upward side of arousal • In the 50s and 60s, were thought to be useful for psychotherapy - Stimulants (cocaine, amphetamines) • Uppers • Suppress appetite and sleep • Practical applications: - WWII Japanese military regularly used a relative of methamphetamine - German soldiers took Benzedrine - Diet pills (remarkably effective) - Adderal for those with ADHD, it energizes them and helps them focus - Sedative/hypnotics (sleep) • Along with alcohol => potentiate (the two drugs combine to produce an additive or multiplicative effect) - Could depress respiratory function • Not as deadly with stimulants as compared to with depressants - Depressants - Tranquilizers • Downers that tend to eliminate fear or anxiety without sedation • Major (psychosis) - Tend to be used in
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