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Lecture 22

01:830:101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Value Proposition, Psy, Lawrence KohlbergPremium

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Lawrence Jacobs

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Social Psy Terms:
Social Psy – is the branch of psy concerned with the way individuals’
thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are influenced by others. Focus is on the
individual within the group.
Norms - the rules that establish expected and accepted behavior
Person Perception – the process of forming impressions of others.
Value proposition
A belief, a promise, an idea that one product will deliver a better value than
Social psychology is a diverse field incorporating the study of attitudes and
perceptions, persuasion, and typical behaviors of relatively normal people in
their relationships with others.
Social psychologists seek to explain why at times compete with each other for
resources while at other times we cooperate, even engaging in altruistic
behavior, accepting some disadvantage to ourselves in order to help others
What determines whether we’ll cooperate or compete?
Cooperation and Competition:
Cultural Transmission
–It is possible that we learn to cooperate instead of compete because other
members of our community will punish us for not exhibiting some altruistic
•Accepting or denying responsibility toward others
Bystander helpfulness or apathy
Why do people fail to intervene sometimes during a crime or accident?
If you witness a crime, would you report it? If you see someone fall down,
or have their hands full and cannot open a door, would you do anything?
Bystander helpfulness or apathy
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