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Lecture 25

01:830:101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 25: Eye Contact, Groupthink, Stanley MilgramPremium

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Lawrence Jacobs

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Persuasion and Manipulation:
•Throughout your life you will make decisions about matters. Some will be
important and some will be trivial.
•It is important to understand and remember the techniques of persuasion
that you have learned about in this module, for those who try to change your
attitudes or behavior may not necessarily have your best interests at heart.
Interpersonal Attraction:
•Established lasting relationships
–How do we choose our friends?
Proximity - we are likely to become friends with people who live near us and
become familiar to us.
Mere exposure - the more often we see someone or something the more
likely we are to start to like the person or thing.
Similaritywe are drawn to those who are like ourselves in background,
attitudes, interests and other important ways.
–According to exchange or equity theories we seek people with whom we feel
we can make equitable transactions of goods and services.
–Consider Pre-Cana, Marriage Encounter, many seminars
Psychology of Attraction:
Physical Attractiveness: Once proximity affords contact, the next most
important thing in attraction is physical appearance.
Most people think that attraction is simply left up to your physical
appearance, but this just is not the case now.
Body motions and language that express desires and self confidence are all
examples of the psychology of attraction.
Eye contact, a slight grazing of the hands, a meeting glance.
It is what you put out as your personality and how confident you are in
yourself that make people interested in you.
You are what you make of yourself, it all comes down to that.
Conformity is the maintenance or alteration of one’s behavior to match the
behavior and expectations of others. It occurs when people yield to real or
imagined social pressure. You conform to pressure.
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