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Lecture 5

01:830:271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Plantar Reflex, Swallowing, Umbilical Cord

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Epigenetic: relating to or arising from nongenetic influences on gene expression.
1. Newborn Care
a. In the first hour of life, babies will be cleaned by mom’s bed.
Vernix on baby that protects the skin from the umbilical fluid
b. Keeping baby warm, baby may be placed under warmed under warmer bed.
Put babies under heat lamps to regulate body temperature
c. Apgar score within the first minute then five minutes later to test respiratory and
other functions survival test
Central nervous system test
Infants may be blue in extremities because breathing is new to them
d. Umbilical cord will dry up and fall off within three weeks
2. Newborn Care Part 2
a. Most babies will spend 1.5 hours in nursery to stabilizes and undergo tests
Checking broken bones, heart, make sure hips are aligned
b. When baby can detect 98 degrees they’re good to go
c. Blood test to screen inherited conditions, hearing tests, hepatitis test
Hearing test tested when infants sleeping; the movement of hair inside ear to
see if the sound was heard.
d. Reflexes infants are born with sucking reflex, grasping reflex (palm of babies will
grab pinky very tightly)
Good indicator of healthy CNS functions
Many reflexes are lost within first year of life
3. Newborn Reflexes
a. Breathing reflex
b. Blinking reflex
c. Rooting reflex touching cheek; baby opens mouth to get food from breast
d. Swallowing reflex place liquid in mouth and baby will swallow
e. Stepping reflex feet become straight when placed on floor and an infant’s feet start
to move in walking way
f. Babinski reflex bottom of foot stroked
Causes toes to fan out
g. Morrow Reflex when dropped or about to be dropped; hands go out as if waiting for
someone to catch them
Absence may suggest damage to CNS
If still there after 5 months, then there may be a problem
Stepping Disappears
Loses stepping reflex every time foot is put on the floor
Old explanation: brain is maturing and can suppress the response therefore giving
room for voluntary response to stepping
Thelen’s explanation: developmental psychologist believed that if you put an infant on its
back then it’ll do the same thing as the stepping reflex (even after 5 months)
o If an infant is inside the water, they will continue to do the stepping reflex under water
even though they don’t do it on dry land.
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