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Lecture 6

01:830:271 Lecture Notes - Lecture 6: Broken Hearts, Jewish Community Center, Peer Pressure

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1. According to the theory of Robert Selman, in the ____ stage of perspective taking,
usually seen between the ages of four and nine years, children know that
perspectives differ because people have access to different information.
a. Social-informational
b. A child who is disliked by many of her classmates is known as a controversial
c. False
2. ____ aggression occurs when a child uses aggressive actions to achieve an explicit
a. Instrumental
3. All EXCEPT which of the following have been found to be associated with watching
a. An increased likelihood of volunteering in one’s community.
4. Anita and Sarah are two adolescent girls who recently had their first “go steady”
relationships. Coincidentally, their boyfriends both decided to end the relationships
on the same day. Anita and Sarah have spent the last couple of days talking on the
phone, spending time together, and texting each other about their broken hearts.
This is an example of
a. Co-rumination.
5. As children grow and develop, they begin to describe others in terms of abstract
traits instead of just concrete features.
a. True
6. As your textbook notes, children are generally able to identify people from ethnic
groups other than their own by what age range?
a. preschool years
7. Communicating with friends through social networking sites such as Facebook and
Twitter promotes _____ which produces high-quality friendships.
a. Self-disclosure
8. In one approach to countering racism, children in a European-American
elementary school were taught about the racism that famous African Americans,
such as Jackie Robinson, endured. What were the results of such informative
a. The children had more favorable attitudes toward African Americans.
9. In their junior high school English class one day, Jason is reading a book and
minding his own business. Suddenly, Steve, a well-known bully, yells, “Hey, Jason,
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