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Lecture 5

01:830:321 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Brainstorming, Groupthink

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Group Processes Part 2
Environmental Cues
Accountability cues affect the person’s cost reward calculation
Attentional cues focus a person’s attention away from the self
A technique that attempts to increase the production of creative ideas by encouraging
group members to speak freely without criticizing their own or other contributions
Two main findings
Brainstorming in group is less effective
Brainstorming over the internet or electronically is better
Group Polarization
When people in groups make decisions that are more extreme than the initial inclinations
of its members
Not riskier choices
Not cautious choices
More extreme
Persuasive Arguments Explanation
Other members often have similar attitudes
Individuals are exposed to supporting arguments they hadn’t thought of before
Social Comparison Explanation
People want to fit in with others in group
They sense the group’s position and adjust their own attitude even further in the
direction to appear to good group members
Social Categories Explanation: tendency to categorize in in-groups/out-groups
In-group members want to distinguish themselves from out-group members
Decision Making: Groupthink
Excessive tendency to seek concurrence among group members
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