01:830:340 Lecture Notes - Lecture 3: Psychopathology, Blood Test, Structured Interview

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7 Feb 2017

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The nature of emotions
- Fight or flight response
- Fear response - cardiovascular, cortical, emotional response is terror, motivation for
- Short-lived, temporary states
- Different from mood or affect - emotion, mood, affect
Emotional Triad
- Emotion and behavior
- Physiology of emotion
- Cognitive aspects of emotion
Anger and your heart
- Anger, as opposed to stress, or exercise > less efficient heart-pumping
- Hostility > premature death, may be linked to inflammation associated with overactive
immune system and clogged arteries
How to combat this? - Forgiving attitude. So, does anger lead to heart attacks? > Not directly,
but overtime, if you have that physiological profile
Emotions and psychopathology
- Experiencing emotions out of proportion or at the wrong time > psychopathology
Cultural, social, and interpersonal factors
- What we fear is culturally dependent, many cultures suffer from “fright disorders”
- Gender - Related to cultural expectations, influence across several dimensions - type
and prevalence of fears, fear behaviors, responses, coping strategies
Social effects on health and behavior
- Low social contacts - higher mortality, higher psychopathology, lower life expectancy
- Mediated by quality and perception of loneliness
Social and interpersonal influences on the elderly
Stigma of psychopathology
- Expression of distress often viewed as weak
- Limits help-seeking behaviors
- Helps maintain the cycle of pathology - No tx
Assessment - A process of gathering information about an individual’s symptoms for the
purposes of:
- Case conceptualization (what has caused this?)
- Diagnosis: assigning a label to an observed set of symptoms
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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