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Lecture 19

01:830:340 Lecture Notes - Lecture 19: Skull Fracture, Biology Of Depression, Thought Disorder

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Tracey Shors

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Abnormal Psychology : Guest Speaker
- Collects a lot of things
- Has been living with mental illness since 70s
- Takes medication every morning
Mental Illness in New Jersey: NAMI
- National Alliance of SOMETHING
- Nation’s largest mental health organization
- Offers a wide range of free prgrams to help people that live with mental illness live better lives
- Has a program called Hearts & Minds
- Helps different ethnic groups and backgrounds
- Diagnosed with schizophrenia
- NOT a split personality
- A thought disorder and chemical imbalance in the brain
- In his case, his schizophrenia was caused because a traumatic event
- He was hit by a cadalac when he was riding a bike
- Had a depressed skull fracture
- Has a plate in his skull
- After his injury, he went home to live with his parents, and then went to Penn State
- It was at college that he started sensing effects of his mental illness
- Had a hard time concentrating on his school work
- Shy and awkward
- Said it was really really bad being awkward around people
- He had to deal with a lot of social pressures
- Dropped out of college his junior year because he couldn’t deal with it anymore
- He felt like a failure after dropping out
- When he got a summer job, he started feeling things that made his life much more difficult
- Couldn’t concentrate when speaking to people
- Went on for weeks and months
- After all this time, he got extremely depressed because no one else was experiencing
the same thing
- He started thinking of a plan to take his own life
- Read about poisonous plants that he grew in his backyard
- One day, he went into the backyard to the plants, and pulled one out of the ground,
brought it to his lips, and last moment he decided not
- He was afraid of how much pain he would have been and he thought of his family and
parents (he didn’t want his parents to feel guilty that they did something wrong)
- His father saw that something was very wrong with him and had him see a psychologist
- Has been in psychiatric hospitals and institutes
- If he doesn’t take his medication he has delusions
- Once convinced in a hospital that everyone in the hospital was Christian and would try
to convert his mom who wasn’t Christian and that Jesus was coming back in two weeks
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