10:833:210 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Branch House, Military Intelligence

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Lecture 2 - Role of Government: The Challenges of Policymaking; Nuts and Bolts of How It
1. Conflict as Part of the Policy Process
Different Ways to View Policies
- Good policy Ideas, poor implementation
Policy Gridlock
- No compromise, no public policy action
Policy Gridlock Failure of Government?
- Founding fathers, make actions on public policies difficult
2. Conflict
Our institutional structure developed from the political values of our founding fathers
who believed it was more important to maintain individual freedoms than to create a
powerful government.
Morone reading: Debate is a positive factor in our policy process. It is how we argue
over and create good principles and policies
3 Branches of Government
2 Houses of Congress
Diided Go’t – 2 political parties
Reah of Go’t/“ize
Checks and Balances
3. Political Parties
Groups of individuals organized for purpose of electing candidates for public office
- 2 major parties
Members share certain ideologies and positions on issues and / or public policies
- Role of government
Democrats (Liberal)
- Societal Changes needed sometimes
- Colletie Rights
- Larger role of Government
Republicans (Conservative)
- Taditioal Values
- Idiidual Rights ad Idiidualis
- Smaller role of Government
Party Platforms - Set out priorities and positions on issues held by that party
4. Checks and Balances
Ensures separation of powers
Legislative: directly responsible for policy making
Executive: sets Agenda, implements policies
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