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Lecture 21

01:840:211 Lecture Notes - Lecture 21: Mahayana, Sukhavati, Dharma

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“Liberation” “true happiness” “deathlessness”
The truth
Includes the four noble truths, non-self, impermanence
True happiness and deathlessness- Gotama Buddha’s prophecy
Pure Land:
Amitabha Buddha attended by the bodhisattvas Kannon and Seishi welcoming beings to the Pure
Land of Sukhavati(happiness)
Part of Mahayana Buddhism
Buddha did not really die but is still around teaching dharma. He and other Buddhas would be in
a cosmic “Buddha field” or “Pure land”- Teach this dharma to bodhisattvas
Sangha is a word in Pali and Sanskrit meaning "association", "assembly", "company" or
"community" and most commonly refers in Buddhism to the monastic community of bhikkhus
and bhikkhunis.
You can make donations to the sangha to get merit and can donate things such as alms, robes,
and monasteries
When women go into the sangha, or the true dhamma, as a field of merit
The ability of people in this situation to reach Nibbana can only remain in the world for only 500
years instead of 1000.
Sangha is the monastic community- it has a buddhist council
Māyā: Gotama’s mom who died 7 days after giving birth to him (so he was raised by his aunt)
- going to be the next Buddha to appear on earth
- Wants humans to make merit by participating in the Maha Chat
- Comes 5000 years after Gotama has disappeared
- Will consider the 5 considerations when bhodisattas have their final birth
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