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Lecture 2

33:799:301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 2: Exxonmobil, Cargo Ship

Supply Chain Management
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Boiling an Egg Example
Exxonmobil: Boiling an egg video
Eggs are a perishable item and needs refrigeration at every stage
Regulators like the FDA provide oversight to ensure the food is handled safely
Proper packaging, sanitation, right chemicals used
Warehouses store large quantities of products
The manufacturing has to make a guess on how many eggs they want the farm to
Next would be to the cost of the distributing these eggs
Money plays a significant role each step of the supply chain
Inventory is critical especially for perishable items
Supply Chain Management
1. Starts with understanding the flow
2. Integrates all partners within the end-to-end supply chain
3. Is conducted through defined process
a. Information must flow thoroughly throughout the market
b. Product and services must flow
c. Payment must flow
i. Otherwise the process will be disrupted or hault
Supply Chain Tiers
Tier 1: direct supplier
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