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Lecture 9

ASIAN 101 Lecture 9: ASIAN 101 - Lecture 9 - Medieval to Modern Korea

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Asian Studies

ASIAN 101 - Lecture 9 - Medieval to Modern Korea Silla Unified Kingdom Was ruled by King Mummu of Silla Silla was conquered by Backje in the 600s and Goguryeo in 668 Silla was aided by Tang forces from China Ties to China Silla was close with the Tang Dynasty in China The Korean Buddhist monk were sent to China for training and others to India They brought back Pure Land and Zen Buddhism brought back to Korea The Confucian College established in the 7th century There was woodblock printing from 751 CE China had the oldest form in the world Goreyo Dynasty This dynasty lasted from 918 through 1382 CE This was founded by General Taejo Wang Geon or King Taejo His goal was to restore territory lost earlier to China Buddhism was strong Printing The worlds first movable type invented in China in 1040 and spread to Korea The worlds first movable metal printing in 1234 CE The first book was Jikji in 1377 It was a collection of excerpts from the analects of Buddhist monks as it was a guide to Buddhism Mongolian Invasion In 993, the Mongolian Liao Dynasty invaded The Goryeo commander Seo Hiu negotiated with them Goryeo agreed to end its alliance with the Southern Song, to adopt Liaos calendar, and to become a tributary state to Liao This continued on and off until the 13th century Korea and Mongols There was a joint Mongol-Korean attack on Liao The mongols then turned on Korea and attacked
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