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Lecture 10

ASIAN 101 Lecture 10: ASIAN 101 - Lecture 10 - Vietnam

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Asian Studies

ASIAN 101 - Lecture 10 - Vietnam Early Settlement The early people settled from Indonesia by 10,000 BCE This period was the known as the Neolithic Age by 8,000 BCE There was wet and dry rice farming Indian and Chinese Influence The North Delta region Malao-Polynesian settlement traded with Indian There was migration of the Southern Chinese during the Han expansion during the 2nd BCE Bronze Age The Dong Son culture had Bronze Drums called Dong Son Hung Dynasty The Hung Dynasty is not well-known as it is semi-legendary There was fishing, hunting, rice-cultivation, Lac irrigation canals, buffalo, beans The people were called the Lac people by China The Lac Lords ruled irrigation areas They also had pottery and bamboo work They were overthrown in 258 BCE by Au Lac China Colonization The region was annexed by the Han in 111 BCE and colonized by the Chinese general Trieu Da There were schools, an exam system, and Confucian thought The Trung Sisters Trung Trac and Trung Nhi led a rebellion in year 40 AD against the Han dynasty Chinese Their resistance created a spirit of nationhood among the Vietnamese This set the stage for future resistance against foreign invaders Women of Vietnam Women enjoyed a relatively high status Women could inherit property through the mothers line
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