CFD 135 Lecture 15: Chapter 15 - Family Change: Stress, Crisis, and Transition

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Child And Family Development
CFD 135

Chapter 15 - Family Change: Stress, Crisis, and Transition ➢ Family Stress ○ The imbalance between demands an event places on a family and that family’s ability to cope with it ○ Stressor = anything that elicits a physiological and/or psychological response ➢ Crisis as Opportunity ○ Comes from Greek word meaning to judge and to choose ○ Crisis is a moment when you must choose among various alternatives ○ Thus, it presents opportunity ➢ Definition of Crisis ○ Any stimulus that affects body systems in complex ways ○ Negative (Distress) ■ Tragedies ● Disasters ● Death ● Severe illness ● Divorce ● Unemployment ● Domestic violence, etc ■ Positive (Eustress) ● Crucial changes ○ Births ○ New job ○ Remarriage, etc ➢ Transition ○ Moving from one state to another ○ Homeostasis → Crisis → Homeostasis ➢ Family Development Theory Lens ○ Family Life Events ■ Normative ■ Non-normative ○ Family members interrelated ■ Subsystems ○ Affect and are affected by others ○ As a whole → seek homeostasis / balance ➢ Family Structure (Boss) ○ Family structure ■ Members added / subtracted ■ Stress until family reorganizes ○ Roles ■ Continuous state of change / growth ■ Boundaries also ○ Rules ■ Change as child grows ■ Change as circumstances change ➢ Olson: 3 Types of Stress ○ Family Development ○ Psychological (within the individual) ○ Family Stress & Crisis ➢ Seyle’s General Adaptation (To Stress) Syndrome ○ Alarm - flight or fight ○ Resistance - high alert ○ Exhaustion (or Recovery) - somatic and social issues ➢ Chronic Stress ○ Person develops a higher baseline of stress hormones in their bodies and brains ○ Even Based Stress (Holmes & Rahe) ■ SRRS = Social Readjustment Rating Scale ■ Most stressful life events ■ Reactions ➢ Transactional (or Interactional) Model of Stress ○ Interaction between person and his / her environment dictates perception of stress ➢ Primary Appraisal ○ Threat? ○ Challenge? ○ Life altering?
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