ENS 200 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Parenteral Nutrition, Human Factors And Ergonomics, Health Education

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17 Jan 2018
1/19 Notes
4 Fields of ENS Experience
1. Health fitness
a. Eating patterns
b. Food procurement
i. Labels
ii. Ingredients
c. Food preparation
i. Cooking, kills pathogens
d. Self sufficiency
i. Activities of daily living
e. Work ergonomics
f. Leisure time physical activity
g. Exercise
i. Health related outcomes
2. Sport fitness
a. Cell nutrient metabolism
i. Energy systems
ii. Fuel utilization
iii. Protein synthesis
b. Competition
i. Metabolic sport classifications
ii. Nature v nurture
c. Training and practice
i. Learning and condition
ii. Performance related outcomes
3. Therapy
a. Medical nutrition
i. Total parenteral nutrition
ii. Diseases allergies and intolerances
b. Therapeutic exercise
i. Rehabilitation v habituation
c. Adaptive exercise
i. Social population, treating people with disease improving standard of
4. Education
a. Home economics
i. Health education
b. Enrichment programs
c. Physical education (PE)
i. State assessments and standards
ii. Health related fitness
DRI: Dietary reference intake
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find more resources at oneclass.com
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