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San Diego State University
Exercise And Nutritional Sciences
ENS 303

5/2 Normal Spine Curvature Cervical - anterior - lordosis - C1 to C7 Thoracic - posterior - kyphosis - T1 to T12 Lumbar - anterior - lordosis - L1 to L5 Sacral - posterior - kyphosis S1 to S5 Coccyx - tailbone - 4 fused vertebrae Lumbar vertebrae have bigger bodies to support more weight Spinous process - front spine Transverse process - lateral spines Pedicle - bridge between body and rest of vertabrae Intervertebral foramen - hole Facets - superior and inferior Pelvis - innominate Sacrum - promontory Discs Normal Disc - Facets carry about 20% of load Degenerated Discs - Facets can reach 70% Annular Fibrosus - fibrous outer ring - Thinner posteriorly - see more herniations Nucleus pulposus - Highly elastic - 60-70% water, but starts decreasing after 40 y/o - 20% diurinal variation - 1-2 cm taller in AM - Gets nutrients by diffusion through cartilaginous end plate Nerves L4-L5-S1 nerve roots - Dermatome - area of s Can only palpate supraspinous ligament Spinal ligaments - anterior posterior longitudinal ligament - Supraspinousinterspinous - Ligamtnum flavum SI - long si ligament
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