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Lecture 4

PHIL 102 Lecture 4: Philosophy 102 Mind Body Problem

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PHIL 102

Philosophy 102 The MindBody Problem What is the relation between the mind and the body? How does a mind unite with a body to constitute a single individual? Mind: psychological states, emotions, beliefs, morals, personality, memories, imagination, thoughts Body: Functions such as respiration, digestion, etc. Dualism: There are two aspects to our existence The mind and the body are two separate components Believes that the mind is not part of the body After we die, our consciousness lives on Descartes Dualism = Substance Dualism = We are comprised of 2 kinds of stuff Materialism: We are purely physical beings Mental thoughts states are states of the body Each physical event is caused by a previous one (thought = raising hand) Idealism: (Typically not involved in the mindbody debate) Everything is ultimately mental All socalled physical objects are really just collections of ideas Rene Descartes Popular Dualist (mind body separate) 2nd Meditation I am thinking Therefore, I exist I think Therefore, I am The Indubitability Argument 1) My body is dubitable 2) My mind is indubitable 3) Therefore, my mind my body Gottfried Leibniz (16461716)
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