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Lecture 6

PHIL 102 Lecture 6: Philosophy 102 : Crime of Compulsion, Free Will, Determinism

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PHIL 102

Free Will Belief: All of our actions and thoughts are acted out by each individual person Determinism Belief: Our actions and every event is predetermined Philosophy 102 Free Will Determinism Section (continued) The Crime of Compulsion Clarence Darrow Defender of Leopold and Loeb Loeb (Richard, Dickie) Obsessed with reading crime stories as a child Developed the idea of committing the perfect crime These ideas consumed him (Argument: Not his fault) Leopold (Babe) Lacked emotion and had an obsession with Nietzsche More confident than Loeb, took charge Nietzsche Argued that we dont need God, science is enough Will to power His types of superheroes were found in the worlds great figures: Alexander, Napoleon Darrow claimed that they couldnt be held responsible for their behaviors Their behaviors were unpredictable and even those close to them did not expect it Supports Holbachs argument of unpredictibility Determinists could say that the boys deserved to be legally punished because they were dangerous to others. Reasons to believe in death penalty: Prior conditions (upbringing), Laws (impulses) 2 Groups of Philosophers: Determinists: Holbach + Darrow (reject Free Will) Free Will: reject Determinism Compatibilists: Stace (accept both) Compatibilism: Combination of free and unfree acts Free Acts: PsychologicalInternal forces = desires, intentions a) The immediate cause of the action is not a force external to the agent
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