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Lecture 10

CRJU 563 Lecture Notes - Lecture 10: Elijah Anderson, Argot, Erving Goffman

Criminology and Criminal Justice
Course Code
CRJU 563
Deena Isom Scott

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CRJU 563 10/23/17
Assumptions of Subcultural theories
Assumption of Human Nature: basically good
The values and norms of the subculture are internalized through socialization
People lear to e deiat or soiety’s ie of deiat i respose to strai
Moving from the community to the person
These often emerge within these communities
Distinctive argot: insider language. Way to distinguish themselves from others
Vocabularies of motive: ways to justify their behavior
Distinctive clothing or body language
Reinforced through mutually supporting networks within face to face
Code of the Street: Elijah Anderson
Code of the Street: a set of informal rules governing interpersonal public behavior
Two distinct types of families
Decent Families
Street families: internalize this mentality of code of street. Socialize their children into
the code. Make code that constructs internalized.
Have to engage together in public space, and negotiated in a certain way
Respect is seen as a zero-sum game. Constant need to maintain top status of respect, and
Goffman: Fugitive Culture
Fugitive culture
Code of the street is more of a survival code
Social incapacitation. Anderson talks about code of street has developed that code of street is a lifestyle,
and fugitive culture analysizes the constant entanglement within the criminal justice system, and how
this net of entrapment works.
Net of entrapment: cycle of revolving door of criminal justice system. In and out
Constantly aware of surroundings and authorities. Living this life on the run. Literally: Learn how to
avoid police, get out of trouble, be sneakier, protect themselves. Socially: Putting up this front, and
hidig idetity. Do’t stik to appoitets or at ayoe to ko a lot aout the. Do’t share ho
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