BADM 301 Lecture 5: 9/3 Notes

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22 Dec 2018
Tell me about yourself.
Elevator pitch
Top selling points for the position
Sound natural and spontaneous
Bullet point approach
Step 1- who you are
o Don’t talk about your resume
o Accounting major at Darla Moore
Step 2- why you’re qualified
o Under 2 minutes
o I’ve always enjoyed and excelled in math
o Relevant experience and proof of performance
Step 3- why you’re here
o Enthusiasm for the position
More challenging, excited about the company, etc.
2 copies of your resume for EVERY employer you plan to speak with
Portfolio for resumes
Seek referrals- if they’re not hiring your major, see if they know anyone hiring your major
Ask for business cards- write on them so you know what you talked about and who’s who\
Immediately send thank you messages to your favorites
Thank you, elaborate, compliment
Research companies
Dress for success
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